Fast Things from this Weekend

  • We went to Lüneburg Saturday afternoon and lost ourselves in the still very much intact medieval city! Pictures and post coming! We plan on going back once the Christmas market is up 🙂
  • On the way back we saw three police at the train station packing serious heat — they had MACHINE GUNS!
  • Roasted candied almonds are 100 times better than hazelnuts, though both are tasty.
  • We’ve seen LOTS of drunk people this weekend. One was an asian guy at the train platform near the Hamberger Dom who got OFF the train and then proceeded to LEAN on the train to light a cigarette — the Hochbahn watchmen yelled at him and he moved moments before the train left!  Another was earlier today, he was at our train station, very drunk and asked everyone for a cigarette.  When JP told him we don’t smoke he asked “why not?”.
  • South Park has ruined beggers asking for spare change for me!  I get the shivvers and the hair stands up on the back of my neck when I hear “kleingeld?”
  • Against his personal qualms, JP got me a cheeseburger from McD’s to get some protien in me.  He’s also gone out multiple times this weekend to get things like cough syrup, tissues and cough drops.
  • I love my husband.
  • Any time we’ve seen a dog somewhere I get waves of sad because I miss our furbaby Sally.
  • My cold is MUCH better, especially after I found out that we DID have some nightquil (sp?) in the medications I brought.  I slept, JP slept. Everyone is happy!
  • We did a load of laundry and somehow washed our towels, jeans and a bunch of socks but ommited any shirts! Another load is in order before tomorrow morning…
  • The kitchen is an absolute mess. We’ve both been tired/sick, but I plan on tackling it after I finish here.
  • Aaand finally, the score stands as Chicken 1: Us 0 — as it turns out you HAVE to use a thawed chicken within a couple days of buying it, meaning you can’t get it Monday and plan to eat it Friday if you don’t have a freezer…. fml!

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