Here are a few pictures from our trip to Lüneburg last week!  (I’ve been meaning to post… but time slipped away with my first full week of working!)

It was only a short visit, partly because we got started alot later in the day than we planned…but we plan to go back 🙂  Also, its REALLY close so if people visit (hint hint — you know who you are!) we think it would be an easy fast trip 😀  It was also a little exciting going home because at the train station we noticed three policemen who were packing MACHINE GUNS!  Heh… we made sure to step lightly when we passed them on the way to grab a pre-train snack!

St. Johannis Church!
This place is 1000 years old and BEAUTIFUL!

16th century bible that JP literally “Squee’d” over.

Baroque period organ.

Goofy person standing in front of the town square, which
STILL looks pretty much like it would have 500 years ago!
(just has modern stores now!)

This is my new friend Bob!

Looking back at St. Johannis

Looking at the river!
(we also made faces at a BUNCH of ducks)

St. Nicholas — I loved walking up to this one because
of the ‘typical’ narrow european streets 🙂

The alter — it was HARD to get a good picture here
because the sun was almost set.




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