Weekend Wanderings: Bergedorf

So, we had planned on going to Lübeck over the weekend, but then JP discovered that there was a CASTLE in the area and on top of that we could save a little money because my city pass would totally get us there!!  Can you say win?  The only downside is that we, heh, totally LOST track of what we spent over the weekend getting various goodies from the Christmas markets… we’ll have to do better next time 😀

So, enough talk, lets get onto the pictures!

I LOVE all the rivers and streams in the area!

The way the snow fell on his sideburns cracks me up!

First view of the castle!
(yes, it was just a little one!)

Awesome shot JP took of the moat.

Another shot of the moat — I seriously think that a moat
around a future house might be kind of awesome!

(no, they weren’t real!)

However, the ducks WERE real, and made it
quite clear that taking pictures and NOT feeding them
was unacceptable 😉

I loved this area of town! JP said it felt a
bit more like southern germany 😀


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