Winter in Lübeck

Our weekend travels took us to the old city of Lübeck this past weekend.  There was SO much to see that we are already planning a return trip in the spring when we aren’t combatting the cold, snow and the massive crowds of people visiting the Christmas Markets.

We seem to have a habit of leaving Hamburg a little later than we planned, but we still ended up arriving in Lübeck before noon.  I do have to wonder why the HECK train platforms are SO much colder than the rest of the area?! This seems to be the case no matter where we go!  Anyway, the train ride there was alright, for the first half JP and I sat across the aisle from eachother, due to us JUST making it on the train after getting our ticket.  Eventually JP was able to move to sit next to me so we could eat our packed lunch.  The only really annoying thing was listening to two women (english speakers) who were sitting behind us. They were SO FREAKING self absorbed that I think had I been braver (and not motion sick from riding backwards) I probably would have turned around and said something.  One was going on and on about now people who graduate from NYU are SO different and NEVER get along with people who graduate from OTHER schools… what alot of crap!  The other person was going on and on about how she’s been dating this guy for 8 years and just isn’t sure if its the right fit because they don’t seem to have ALL the right CHEMICALS going on to make a relationship work… ugh. Moving along.

When we left the train station is became apparent REALLY quick that we shouldn’t have had forgotten hats… and we probably should have bought gloves sooner.  Yeah… we/’re going to have to get on that, and soon!

Here is the remaining city gate from ‘olden’ times that we got to walk through:

To the right of the picture is where the vampire’s lair in the abby from the orignial Nosferatu film was done!  There is also a museum actually IN the towers of the gate, but by the time we actually *ahem* remembered that it was there we missed the chance to look around it.  It will just be something we get to look forward to in the Spring!

Here’s a picture looking back at the gate from inside the city:

Because of the crowds on the main road we decided to randomly turn down one of the smaller side streets fairly quickly, and low and behold, we stumbled upon this:

An ACTIVE archeological dig. Major geek out in 3…2…1….!!!!!!!!!!  I little farther down the street was a mini-museum which talked about the significance of the digs as well as why Lübeck was a unique area — things that usually decay fairly soon from the time period like wood and cloth had been recovered!!  (yeah, I TOTALLY geeked out here…) We also found out that there was a BIGGER museum in an old monastary and made a note to hit it up before we left. (I HAD to see the silk girdle!!)

Up from the mini-museum was Marienkirche which had been standing for 1000 years:

I think we spent well over an hour in here walking around to take everything in.  Here are a couple more shots:

It is someplace that one really needs to be able to walk around to take it all in.  OH! also, the church had a HUGE astronomical clock:

After Marienkirche we decided to head in the direction on the monastary with the archeological museum.  On the way we passed by Thomas Mann’s house(and museum):

The lady in the gift shop was actually very helpful when it came to giving us directions to where we wanted to go! 😀

We also walked around inside Jakobkirche a bit – a latin school was set up here in the middle ages for children of all ages and walks of life:

There was also beautiful organ music being played the entire time we were walking around inside:

Back en route to the monastary we passed by the big medieval hospital:

Buuut didn’t go in.  See that HUGE line?  That was for a special Christmas market, so its another place we’ll check out when we’re back.

Now, for my favorite part of the day, pictures from the archeology museum and monastary!

The old dining hall.

Bits of an old fresco in the dining hall.

The chapel.

(first thing we noticed walking into the room… that’s gamers for ya!)

Writing tablets from the Jakobikirche Latin school.

Medieval toilet… I DARE anyone who visits the
museum to LOOK into it!

And a story about medieval toilets.
(click to enlarge!)

I admit it, I have the brain of a five year old;
this makes me giggle 😉

This is one of the MANY cases of pottery!!

“Bring out your dead!”
Like most of Europe, plagues were common.

I wish we could have gotten a picture of the CLOTH that has been found in tact, buuuut it was in a darker area (to protect it from sunlight) and using a camera flash is FORBIDDEN!  There were two pieces from a dress bodice AND a silk girdle!!  Both were in AWESOME condidion, and you could still make out the original colors in the girdle!!!

It’s places like Lübeck that make me SO excited and geek out because I’m so close to an archeological area (in this case walking through it) that I can almost touch it!  It also makes my decision on what do do for grad school REALLY hard… though, if I worked my butt off learning German before I applied I wonder if I could spend a semester or year actually WORKING and studying in Lübeck in the future…. hmmmmm….

In the basement/celler of the monastary there was also a coin museum — very awesome!  Though, a couple of our good friends would totally have to DUCK to fit down there.  Heck, I think that my ‘little’ brother would have to!

Timeline of the coins found in the area!

After the museum we headed out to look at another church ACROSS the island, unfortunately we arrived JUST after 4pm, again, it makes this list for things to do when we go back.

We did hit up the Christmas market.  Here are a few shots from walking around:

GIANT Christmas Mill on top of a kids’ ride.

There were strings of lights like this EVERYWHERE!

And finally the river on the way out was beautiful at night!

We left Lübeck at about 5:30, got dinner at the train station and were back in Hamburg by 7, hit up Saturn to get a movie and got home by 8.  Unfortunately I didn’t feel at ALL well by the time we walked in the door — the suspect was a cup of BAD glüewein I had gotten while we were walking around Lübeck. At least the cup it came in was pretty!!  So I fell asleep watching Mickey’s Christmas Carol dubbed in German.


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