Musings: Before and After

One of the things that pretty much ALWAYS catches me by surprise is the literal overnight change that happens between fall and winter.  Every other seasonal change is a bit more gradual, but one day you have this:

To this:

The second picture was taken the day of our first snow — since then its changed EVEN MORE because we now have about 4 inches that haven’t melted.  It was also taken just a couple short weeks after the first picture!

I suppose one of the reasons that this change is even more dramatic for me is having lived in Houston for 9 years — JP lived there until he married me and we moved to Indiana!  I’m not ‘used’ to what most people consider ‘normal’ seasonal changes any more.

I will say though, I am in LOVE with it! (even if it means I have to wear a RIDICULOUS amount of clothes not to freeze my butt off!)



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