Friday Fives: The People of Mass Transit

So this week has been an interesting one while taking my various buses and trains to watch the munchkins… yeah… anyway, here are five of the, um, highlights?

  1. Stinky Girl: She has managed to sit next to me THREE out of the four days on my bus ride home each night.  There can be LOTS of seats open but she ALWAYS chose to sit next to me. I dubbed her ‘Stinky Girl’ because in addition to the cigarette smell oozing off of her clothes she had HORRID body oder.  Think of teenage boys after gym.  Yeah, THAT bad!
  2. Real Life Prostitutes: So, I didn’t sit NEXT to them, but they sat BEHIND me.  FOUR of them.  The only reason I figured out that was their job is because of their boots (seriously, all the hookers seem to wear the SAME boots when we’ve been on the Reeperbahn) AND then there was the fact that I figured out that they were talking about sex, condoms, and money.  And I also gathered that one girl had some guy skip out on his bill… so, yeah, moving on. (BTW, in case you were wondering, prostitution IS legal here, and is one of the many attractions to the Reeperbahn area. Google it if you don’t believe me!)
  3. Beaten Up Dude: So this guy goes ALL the way back to Monday.  After making my train change I sit down on train two to ride to the bus. Across from me is a pretty normal looking guy who looks like he’s asleep.  You know, the whole chin on chest and head bobbing thing.  Well, at one of the stops along the way he tumbles over on his seat, wakes up and I see his face.  OH MY GOSH! It looked like he had gotten into a fight with a PIT BULL or something more nasty!  He also got off at the Reeperbahn…  Oh! and get this, JP saw the SAME guy later that day at the stop for the university!  I do hope he got some medical attention…
  4. Morning Drunks: There have been SEVERAL of these this week.  I board my first train usually around 10:30/11:15 in the morning depending on if I’m picking a munchkin up from kindergarten, or now, or if I feel like riding the second train a couple more stops and taking a nice long walk.  This week I encountered at least half a dozen people who weren’t just a little tipsy, but were totally GONE – and all BEFORE noon!!  One yesterday even had a cup and was asking for “biergeld”… yeah… which brings me to:
  5. Kleingeld-ers: I have gotten asked on the train countless times for spare change by countless people this week.  The first on Monday was a guy who just needed “fitty-cent” to make a phone call – when he came over to me he asked me in THREE different languages just to get a response (german, english and french for the record) and didn’t stop pestering me until I said that I didn’t carry money, but could offer him a mint.  Then there was the old guy who got on, gave a VERY loud speech and then went around shaking his cup in people’s faces on Tuesday.  Tuesday, Wednesday and Yesterday there was a Singing Santa and his guitarist.  Monday there was also the guy with the trumpet who came up and played RIGHT in your ear and then cursed you if you didn’t give him somethingm, followed by the singing woman.  And then my ALL time favorite, the teenage guys who come up, sit in your area and bug EVERYONE for change… yeah… they always give me weird looks when I say I don’t have anything, and it is usually true!  I carry *maybe* two euros on average (in hopes that I’ll be brave and actually buy something at a counter…) or on payday when I carry more.

BONUS – because EVERYONE needs to hear this one:

Yesterday when I got on the bus at the stop right after mine this cute little old lady (probably at least 80) gets on and starts talking.  My first thought was “Haha Stinky Girl, you have been foiled! No seat for YOU!!!”.  But as the ride went on the old lady kept talking and talking and all of the sudden I heard her say more loudly “Ja?” and she was looking straight at me.  So I responded “…ja…?”, she smiled and continued talking to ME until I got off at the train station.  SO, hehe I totally had my first ‘real’ conversation in German yesterday.  I just have NO earthly idea what it was about, or why she was talking to me!  Lol!!



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