The Spice of Life

So, a couple weeks ago we got a hankering for some chips and salsa.  So we went to the store and snagged a bag of chips and THIS:

Heh… we TOTALLY should have avoided this.  Notice how the lable claims the contents to be “hot”… think more long the lines of ketchup with a couple chunks of jalepenos thrown in for good measure… yeah, totally not what we were wanting OR craving.  In fact the jar is STILL sitting in our fridge waiting for a use.  Maybe I can manage a chicken dish with it? maybe…

Anyway, take a look at THIS:

We MADE our own salsa!  Heh, this ended up being a tad more than we had thought we would… note to self: next time DO NOT get a kilo of tomatoes.  It turned out pretty tasty, but we think our next batch will be EVEN better 😉  (JP even suffered through me watching the finale of ANTM via YouTube while we gutted and chopped the tomatoes! Have I said lately how much I ADORE my husband?  I should note however, he did make his fair share od snarky comments while we did it though!)

AND this is what is sitting in our fridge awaiting more chips:


Life is good 🙂


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