Munchkin Quote of the Week #655

Ok, so I meant to post this sooner, but here we go!

Me: Are you finished eating?

Munchkin 2: Yes! *gets down from seat*

Me: Could you bring me your plate?

Munchkin 2: No

Me – while grabbing his plate: Could you help me put it in the dishwasher

Munchkin 2: Nein

Me – taking things off the table: Could you put help me put these back in the fridge?

Munchkin 2 – while looking in a drawer: No

Me: Are you just being difficult on purpose?

Munchkin 2: YES! *huge grin*

Mrs. Munchkin and I laughed for a good five minutes after hearing his response.  See? kids, even at age two, know EXACTLY what they’re doing and how to be difficult on purpose!! 😛


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