From the Other Side

Hello 2011 — what do you have in store for us?

Our New Year’s Eve celebration was fairly quiet — JP has been working on papers all week, so we decided to delay our travel plans for another time.  Then there’s the the whole thing about most things in the country shutting down for THREE days again… aaand guess who forgot to go shoppping for the weekend Thursday?  We did!! 😛  Luckily we DID have a full carton of eggs, a jar of yogurt and other odds and ends, so we did have things to eat.  I just couldn’t do the New Year’s dinner I had been planning.  Oops!

So, our NYE was cozy — I can’t say that it was exactly quiet though.  At midnight everything EXPLODED!  Like, I thought Texans were enthusiastic about fireworks, well, they have NOTHING on Germans.  I’ve never been afraid of fireworks, but I will admit (and twitter confirms this) that I was seriously considering hiding in the bathroom until it was over.  After we finished our cups of glühwein we headed to bed and watched Mr Bean repaint his living room and order steak tar-tar before drifting off to sleep to the sound of the fireworks STILL going off.

We spent a good portion of the morning and early afternoon of our January 1 playing Thurn und Taxis and watching various things over the internet. We did venture out to the main train station yesterday in hopes that the HVV office there would be open so we could renew my monthly ticket — it was, but as with all new years the rate went up 😛  We also went in search of something to eat aside from eggs and the like — I ended up getting a much needed burger (my iron has been low) and JP got fish and chips from Nord See . Side note: I also remembered yesterday why I’m NOT a fan of Burger King… oh, and if anyone was wondering, the fries from BK do NOT taste the same as they do back State-side.  Oh, and if  you happen to want cheese on your wopper, its an extra euro… yeah… IF I eat at BK again, I’m getting a kid’s meal 😛

Our plans for today are mostly to stay in and relax.  I’ve been trying to backtrack in Super Mario Bros for the DS and get all the missed BIG coins (and get extra lives for the last castle) and JP will be doing more paper writing.  (gotta love being married to a grad student!)  I’ll probably jump on WoW for a bit(playing a 10 day trial to get it out of my system for now), then we’re going to watch Spiderman 3 (dubbed of course!) tonight.  Oh, and maybe venture out to get somethig to eat… maybe.

I hope everyone had a safe NYE, a good first, and returns to work and school (like us) feeling relaxed and ready to get going again 😀

Now… back to trying to get that ONE coin that keeps eluding me…. 


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