2011: Case of the Mondays

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So a “case of the Mondays” is putting it lightly as far as what happened to me today.  Both ways commuting to and from my work with the Munchkins today I was harrassed in multiple ways.  First was this morning heading to the train.  For some reason the drunk guy right outside the station decided that he had beef with me and followed me in, pulled my hair and yelled at me.  I tried telling him to stop and threatened to call the police, but the ONLY thing that saved me from his onslaught was that he was too drunk to climb the stairs to the platform.  Yeesh…

And if you think that was exciting enough, on the way HOME I stepped wrong off the bus so I rode the escalator down instead of taking the stairs.  Baaad idea on my part, there were a couple of punk teenaged Turkish boys looking over it and they SPIT on my head!  What they HECK is it with people and spitting in this country!? And why do I seem to be the target of their mouth juice?!! Thankfully I had a tissue in my pocket left over from someone’s nose earlier so I could mostly clean up before getting on the first train.  The second train was a little more.. um interesting?  I sat down across from a woman and at the next stop a very obviously DRUNK off his ass guy sat next to her.  First it was just annoying, because well, he smelled AWFUL!  And she was obviously not too pleased about where he chose to sit.  BUT then as soon as the train started to move he wet himself!!  He got off at the next stop, but he left a puddle of pee… ugh… I don’t think he actually NEEDED that can of Becks in his hand anymore. Or maybe he did because of fluid loss.  Whatever the case, it was gross, and stinky, and totally NOT cool!!

Thankfully the last train I catch was uneventful, and I was able to sit completely by myself for 20 minutes.   And after taking a shower we made a late dinner of mac and cheese and shared a beer.

My day at work was fine.  The boys were pretty good today, and Mrs. Munchkin gave me some tips on how to look more German and blend in more… making sure I have my iPod with me from now on is one.  So, just so you don’t think my ENTIRE day was horrible here are some positives from today:

  • Munchkin 3 (the baby) was kept ammused for a FULL 20 minutes by knocking a ball away from himself and chasing after it as fast as his little scooty butt could go. He was also giggling the whole time between his grunts of effort, which was TOO funny.
  • Munchkin 2 told me that I need to have 6(!) babies and that when he’s big he’ll come and be their nanny. (how cute is that?)
  • Munchkin 1 had the patience to help me peel potatoes for Munchkin 3, and was more patient about doing that than I thought he’d be!  He worked with me for 30 minutes on that 😀

So, just the commuting parts were crappy.  Here’s hoping tomorrow is better!


***Oh, and please note that I don’t think ALL Germans are like this, I’ve met lots of nice ones, I just seem to have a knack for attracting these people… do I give off a scent that attracts them or something?!***


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