Friday Fives: Travel Must Haves

So, a brief break from our Goslar trip (more posts tomorrow and Sunday!)  Instread I thought I’d write a little thing about five things we’ve brought with us that have turned out to be REALLY useful, and you people out across the interwebs might want to take a look at bring with you!

  1. Nintendo DS — On plane and train rides it provided lots of entertainment, but the MAIN thing we actually use it for is an alarm clock!  We were going to get one from Ikea when we first got here, THEN I stumbled upon the feature, and I think its been MUCH better than the other cheap one would have been.
  2. Amazon Kindle, w/3G — First off, a BIG thank you to Nina and Pop for gifting this to us before we left. (I think I was a little out of sorts to really tell them how awesome it was for them to get it for us.)  But time after time this thing has been a lifesaver, especially with the 3G.  In addition to reading book on it, we’re able to check email using the browser under “experimental” (I can also tweet!), and JP has been able to upload documents to it he needs for class without having to lug the laptop or print out a million pieces of paper.
  3. Zipper Pouches — Ok, I’ll admit it, I have a slight obsession with them, but they are SERIOUSLY useful.  I use one instead of an actual wallet here because I mainly carry coins, a big one holds my knitting stuff, another big one fits the Kindle, and yet another is just for my German doctuments (train pass and insurance).
  4. Sewing Kit — When I was still working at Michaels I bought one that had EVERYTHING in it but was small enough to throw in our bags and not take up much space at all!
  5. Multi-bit Screw Driver — The one I brought was a freebee that I got from the Ford Truck area at the Houston Rodeo a couple years ago (side note: I’d totally KILL for a Rodeo corndog!).  The thing has also been a lifesaver at points — especially AFTER I remembered I packed it.  It has four different bits, and more than a handful of times it has helped to tighten pot handles and reattach several things.

Alright, I’m off to go do… something?  I think its time to retouch up the hair 😉

More on Goslar tomorrow 😀


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