Meat… What?

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So, last night on Facebook a friend posted a link to ANOTHER BLOG about MeatWater!  My first thought was that it HAD to be a joke.  I mean, we all know that Jones Soda puts out their holiday pack every year where you can partake in a ‘drinkable’ holiday meal.  Yeah… I’ve had the chance to just SMELL these, and they aren’t for the faint of heart! (Does anyone know if Jones is still making these annually? I haven’t heard or seen them since my early college days…)

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.  MeatWater… So water that is meat flavored?  Who thought of that?  I mean, I GUESS in a small way it makes a tiny bit of sense — you can already buy Vitamin Water to get your daily dose of vitamins, so why not have a water that contains protien and TASTES like something you’d get protien from anyway?  Eh, why not? right?  I’ve seen weirder drinks on the market.

So, when I actually went to LOOK at the site for the flavor listing it was interesting.  Some of the ones that I *think* I *might* be interested in actually trying someday include chicken teriyaki, Texas BBQ, venison Confit, aaaand chorizo taco.  Then again, I’m thinking having these would be just like drinking something like chicken broth. (Yes, I am an odd duck…) The ONE flavor I was totally expecting to see on the list was bacon, but they don’t seem to have such an ‘animal’.  But no worries, I hopped over to ThinkGeek and it turns out that THEY have you covered if you’re in need of a bacon-flavored beverage. 😉

Oh, and I bet these would be GREAT used in some savory cocktails 😉



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