Friday Fives: Laaaame!

So, I decided that I’m not going to back date the Goslar posts, it was giving me a headache just trying to figure it out!  So, instead, there might be several updates in one day.  Don’t like it, meh, its my blog, deal with it 😉

Moving along, here are five really LAME excused for not blogging like I keep telling myself I should:

  1. Facebook – totally lame because lately I’ve been spending HOURS on it… like hours in a row every. single. evening.   I need to stop that 😛
  2. Etsy – Yes, I do adore etsy, but again, I’ve been spending WAAAY too much time on it, because well, pouncing is too damn addicting!
  3. Roller Coaster Tycoon – I’m trying to beat this ONE park and having a heck of a time at it… yeah… I’m sure mom remembers having to hide the disk from me in high school, and now poor JP is probably thinking about it as well!
  4. Sleep – sleep is for the weak!  Yet, despite that I seem to want lots of it 😉
  5. GRE – I’m studying to retake the GRE in either May or June… lame 😉

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