I’m a big girl now!

So the past week I set some goal for myself about this whole living in Europe thing.  As everyone who comes to my tiny corner of the interwebs knows, I haven’t had the greatest start to living here… BUT (finally) after 5 months here I’ve done the following by MYSELF without JP there to help when things got hairy – which surprisingly they pretty much didn’t!! – language-wise.  Here’s what I’ve done in the past couple weeks:

  • Bought my own box of hair dye on the way home from work.
  • Ordered increasingly complicated things at counters — first it was JUST a crissont, but I made it all the way up to ordering pommes (fries) and currywurst with ketchep AND a drink on my own.  I also pretty much went through the line at Subway on my own with JP there – we got a ‘fancy’ dinner out to take with us for a evening of Munchkin scouting.
  • Interacted with the guy at the public transit counter (yesterday) and paid all on my own.
  • Aaand tonight, I went grocery shopping all by myself! (yes – its taken me 5 months to get this far… but when you’re out of OJ and eggs and you have a sick husband what can you do?)

I survived!!!  Maybe if we’re up for it this weekend I’ll be super brave and order coffee somewhere…

I also keep getting surprised by the amount of conversations I can understand.  Usually I can ‘get’ about a third of what’s being said if I’m half-way paying attention, and of course a lot more if I actually DO pay attention to what is being said. 😀  Now I just need to make it a point to use the software daily that we bought…

Just thought I’d give a tiny update about where I am comfort-wise here.  While I’m still very much on my toes most of the time when I’m out alone, I dare say that I might actually be enjoying living here just a little bit!  I cannot WAIT for Spring to finally get here and for it to actually be warm enough for me to stop wearing my friggin coat and actually wear the skirts I brought… just hopefully they’ll still stay on my hips by the time the warmer weather shows up… otherwise I might have to go MacGyver on them!

Anyway, I’ve set my new bedtime to be 10:30 on work nights, so I’d better run.  After I hit publish I will have 2 minutes to get my butt in bed.

G’night interwebs.  And, Germany, I might actually be starting to really like you 😉


One thought on “I’m a big girl now!

  1. Good for you! One day you will realize you’ve been speaking in German without translating in your head. I didn’t quite get there in Peru, but if we had been there a full year, I believe it would have happened.

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