International TV FAIL!

So, earlier today JP was researching how we could get German TV once we end up back state-side later this year.  Through his research it turns out that DISH Network offers the MOST channels out of any other provider, but for the life of us we could not figure out if the $29.99/month was on TOP of another package.  (the description online really isn’t all that clear…)

So, I click on the nifty little chat icon in hopes of getting someone to clarify things for us.  First I somehow ended up being routed to the customer service section, then finally connected to someone in sales.  Take a look at the first 30 seconds of conversation:

(name and ID# of associate removed to protect their privacy)

Now wait for it…..


After another 10 minutes of back and forth with this person our question STILL never got answered.  And because we weren’t going to be setting up an account within 30 days we were told that they couldn’t help us.  YEESH! Way to go DISH Network for being helpful! Makes me wonder IF we ever want to give you our money in the future…

-{insert sarcastic eyeroll here}-

So, we’re back to trying to look things up ourselves.  And you can bet your boots that they did NOT get high marks on the end of chat survey 😛


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