Japan Quake

My day so far has gone like this:

– check facebook and see a blurb about a big quake in Japan
– eat breakfast, go shopping for veggies, fold laundry, eat lunch, make a late lunch for JP
– finally get around to looking up the size of the quake on the US Geological Society website
– go “OH!” at the sheer number of quakes they’ve had in the past 24 hours
– go “OH CRAP” When I see things going over 7.0
– go “HOLY SHIT” when I see the 8.9
– see pictures on CNN and go “shiiiiiiit”
– turn on news on our “huge” tv and see the waves and the wave destruction and go “OH MY GAWD” “SHIT” “HOLY COW” and a whole bunch of other things
– look at USGS quake map again and can’t see how on EARTH they’re going to triangulate the quakes because of the sheer NUMBER of them.
– see current death toll, reaction “dear God!”
– see footage of the waves pulling HOUSES out to sea and I look like this: O_O

Lots of prayers and thoughts coming from us for everyone effected.  My dad got to experience the big Peru quake of 2007 which was an 8.0 (slightly smaller in Lima) but an 8.9 is… there are NO words for how bad it is.   :-/


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