Red Pepper Love!

Last week JP and I discovered about an hour too late that a couple train stops from us that there is a pretty big open air market on Saturday mornings and made plans to go.  This morning we went! OMG, it was freaking awesome!!  SO many awesome things, and I GOT MY BLOOD ORANGES!!  You can get a heck of a lot from fruits, to fish, to bakes goods, to meats, cheeses, eggs and freaking FRESH pickles!

BUT, the Crème de la Crème (or Sahne der Sahne in German) of the day was this baby:

This b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l pepper literally made JP stop in his tracks when he saw it out of the corner of his eye, and so of course we HAD to buy it. The thing was almost as big as my FACE!  And it smelled oh so heavenly – as does the green buddy we picked up so this guy didn’t have to ride home alone.

And what became of this giant crispy veggie?  Well, I’ll show you:

It got thrown into a freaking awesome SPICY tofu-veggie stir fry!  Oh it was SO freaking good — aaand I put in OVER a kilo of veggies BEFORE the tofu.

We plan on going to this lovely market weekly.  The selection totally beats the pants off any other store we’ve been in AND the prices are AMAZING!!  So far for next week’s list we have mussels (we can get em fresh and I’m thinking about doing a pasta dish) and mini berliners!  oh, and more pickles!

And about the pickles, we went buy and the smell of the brine was SO good I convinced JP to snag some garlic ones to snack on while we went off to check out the fish row and get eggs.  We had to go back and get another POUND of them to take home.  I swear, I have NEVER had a better pickle!! I can’t wait until we can try the kraut from the stall too 😀

Ok, I’d better get to bed.  Tomorrow we’re making a “big” breakfast so I need to get up early for eggs, sausage and pancakes!!



One thought on “Red Pepper Love!

  1. Oh I am so happy you found a market. I remember how excited we were when we found the bioferia in Lima! Fresh milk, good eggs, awesome vegetables. I often think about how much of a blessing that was for us in Peru.

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