*insert sheepish cheesy grin here*

So again its been a while.  Sorry about that, life just sort of had other plans than me actually sitting down and blogging for the past couple weeks.  I have felt like they have been spent well.  JP and I have been doing LOTS of talking — sometimes after drinking a bottle of wine — which has been incredilby nice.  And I think we’ve probably fallen more in love all over again <<cheesy awww>>  Lots of our talks have been about what is still to come in both the long haul (think after we’ve been married for fifty years) and the short haul (under five years), and its just been nice to really really talk.   Needless to say, I think that some pretty darn awesome stuff is going to be happening in our life – which will probably include a few new video and computer games when we get back to the states… O:)

Another thing that’s been keeping me busy, well aside from the munchkins, has been getting health things back on track.  I am currently about 5 pounds away from permitting myself to go buy a smaller pair of pants!  about three weeks ago an awesome friend mentioned on facebook that she started using MyFitnessPal and asked a group we’re both in if anyone else was interested in joining her as a built in support group.  I figured ”Why not” and signed up, the result is that three weeks later I’ve lost 8 pounds!!  And in all honesty I really haven’t changed the way I eat too much.  I’ve become a heck of a lot more aware of portion size though, and holy crap, I had NO idea that pasta was so calorie rich!  I mean, I knew carb-wise pasta was insane, but calories… yikes!  JP and I are also eating SO many more salads, which in turn means fewer crazy breakouts and I feel better.  So all in all, this whole “not a diet” thing is awesome so far — best of all, I can still eat chocolate if I so wish 😉

Another relization last weekend was that I will actually miss Hamburg when we finally depart.  Sure, the city and I had a really rough getting to know eachother phase… like realy rough, but now that spring is finally here, along with tons of tulips (they’re the wildflowers here!) and the sunshine I’m realizing just how awesome it is to be here.  Also, I mean, duh, I’m LIVING IN EUROPE!!!  I was thinking about it on the train ride home after wrangling the munchkins, and I’m really sad that we *only* have about 6 months left here!  I think what also helps is that I am no longer in danger of being deported… ok, ok, I was never really in danger per se… BUT, I will write about the whole getting my visa taken care of (finally) for a post this weekend for the internet’s reading enjoyment.  Also, Goslar final post (PROMISE for REALZ this time) and some awesomeness from last weekend’s adventures.

Ok, so that was my brain dump for tonight.  I should get some sleep since we’re doing to do some more exploring tomorrow, and I’m hoping to twist someone’s arm into sharing an ice cream cone, weather permitting.  Otherwise I will simply have to impress upon JP that we NEED to go get another of the BEST PRETZELS in the WORLD from teh Dom tomorrow night 😀



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