Goslar Part TWO! (finally!)

Our second day in Goslar started with an early breakfast, then we got ready to head to the Rammelsberg mine for the entire morning.  What was awesome is that it was in WALKING distance from the hostel!

Notice the dork?  Someone was pretty excited to go…
…yeah, that;s me 😛

The Rammelsberg Mine is so totally amazing!  And I totally geeked out for FOUR solid hours while we were there.  As a girl who grew up around mining (hiii mom and dad) this was so cool — especially since the oldest mines I had had the chance to see/tour were right around 100 years or younger.  The Rammelsberg was in operation for 1020 years!!  The area had been mined off and on for about 2000 years before that.  Yeah… major geeking out on my part.  I swear, I probably had the BIGGEST and stupidest grin on my face most of the time we were there.

In addition to all of the museums on the grounds we all went on two underground tours.  The first was on modern mining, and was in English since there were a whole three of us on it.  The second was called the Fire and Water tour and took us through 200 year old mine passaged with WATER WHEELS!  It was so awesome I even took a short video of the reconstructed one:

The person talking in the background that you hear was our awesome tour guide who was MORE than accomodating given my lack of german skills — he would take a moment at each stop to pull me aside and give me the cliff notes version of what he told the group.  He totally didn’t have to do that, but the fact that he did made that much more of a good impression.

So, how about a few more pictures from that tour? Here ya go:

JP and me in our classy YELLOW hard hats!

The “locker” room for the miners.

Going into the part of the mine for the Fire and Water tour.

See the awesome BLUE mineral deposits left from the dripping water?

Still of the reconstucted water wheel.

Our awesome tour guide who shut off the lights and showed us the light by which the miners worked.

And to get back OUT of the mine we had to climb LOTS of stairs which were more ladder-like at many points.

After the final tour we wandered in and out of the other mine buildings looking at various exhibits — personally the one about the history of mining in the area and the mineral exhibit were my favorites!!  I think JP agrees about the history… probably not so much about the minerals… 😉

And now for MORE pictures:

I love the SMELL of mining equipment.

And no trip to a mine is complete without a picture in front of something thats yellow and has wheels.

After the mine tour we wandered around Goslar, grabbing lunch at Nordsee, and finally ended up at the tin figure museum before heading back to the hostel for the night… well, so we thought… apparently dinner isn’t actually warm during the off season, so we headed BACK down to the city, found a cosy italian place for dinner and THEN made a somewhat drunken walk (the wine was really good 😉 ) back to the hostel, in pretty much PITCH darkness once we got on the path and UPHILL. I’m still surprised that neither of us fell down the hill given that on top of the darkness and incline it was ICY to boot.

The next day we got on the train fairly early and made a stop in Hildeshiem (post on Thursday) before heading back to Hamburg and getting in just at dinner time.

Now for some more pictures of Goslar to end.  Enjoy:

we tried and tried to get in to see this chruch (which was once a monestary!) but kept missing the visiting hours!

One of the many streets was walked down. Can you see why I loved it there?

JP in front of a building built in the 15th century! (the stone part of course)
He kinda geeked out a bit 😉

Out of the corner of my eye I spotted COMMANDER WORF watching us…

Goethe lived in Goslar!  Yes he did… and under an assumed name to spy on the water wheels in the mine 😉

The glockenspiel!

Heading to the city gates.

And two silly people in front of said gates 😉


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