Last minute mornings…

So, while I don’t have to be at the Munchkin household until noon I try to be up so I can actually get some things done in the mornings, be it a load of laundry, a rack of dishes (will explain in another post), shower, facebook or blogging.  However, my body decided that wasn’t going to be the case today.  I tossed and turned and had awful dreams (not really nightmares, but the kind that make you wake up half way multiple times) and everytime JP tossed or got up for the bathroom I was woken up.  So all in all not in my top list of best sleeps I’ve ever had.

I had thought I was going to be up this morning before 9, or 9:30 at the latest… haha, very funny.  Instead after I opened my eyes after what I swore was only five minutes the clock read 10:12… CRAP!  So the question is, when you’re due to leave the house in 30 minutes, and still need to eat, shower and dress and very possibly check email and *ahem* facebook what do you decide to do? AND especially when your decision making ability might not be 100% intact because you’re still half asleep?

Here was how those 30 minutes went for me:

  1. get out of bed — easier said than done!
  2. wander into otherroom and log into email and facebook
  3. zone out for three minutes
  4. glance at time and go ‘craaaaap’
  5. dash into bathroom to remove the damp towl from shower rod, turn on water to warm it, and close shower curtain
  6. run back into the other room log into email and glance at it
  7. jump in the shower
  8. get out of shower, dress and towl dry hair as I click though emails
  9. blow dry hair WHILE applying eyeliner, eye primer and eyeshadow
  10. put on coat and shoes and grab granola bar, actimel and my bag right before running outside while throwing my hair up as I run off towards the train.

Needless to say, I somehow managed to do just about everything that was needed and had a pretty normal day at work, came home, DEVOURED three baked potatoes when I got home for dinner, and then sat down to blog.  Whew!

And now for a couple fun links from around various places on the interwebs today:

Night all!


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