So on our way back from Goslar waaaay back in January (yeah… I need to get better about posting things right after they happen) we took a couple hours and got off the train to visit the charming town of Hildesheim and walked around going “OH LOOK! there’s a steeple, lets GO OVER THERE!!” for several hours before getting back on the train.  The main church we wanted to get to was St. Michael’s, another UNESCO site – just like the mine in Goslar! (hint abou the wiki links, change the language to german to see more pro pictures!).  Most of our time in the church was spent looking UP at the celing — well, until we figured out that there was a mirror… yeah…  And I totally got the POSTER of it to frame and hang when we get back in the States 😀

So, enough jabber, how about some darn pictures?

The ‘main’ market place — to the back of us was the rathaus,
and around the corner a pharmacy that’s been in operation since the 13th century!

The rathaus.

A couple-a geeks!

Ceiling — dates from the 12th century, and beautiful!

Original cornerstone, which was thankfully recovered after the war.

The back chapel — under the alter is the coffin and body of the founding bishop.

You can totally tell where the old and new constuction is.

St. Mary’s Catholic Chruch
(the chruch remained Catholic when the whole city became Protestant)

Looking towards the alter.
(it was hard to get pictures because the church was so dark)

Looking back at St. Mary’s

I cannot express how much I LOVE walking down
streets like this!



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