Friday Fives: The Bucket List – Germany

Instead of just ONE list this week there are several!  I realized that I kinda need to write some stuff down so we don’t forget, and figured it would be a fun post. (please note, this isn’t all inclusive)

Other northern cities we need to visit:

  1. Berlin
  2. Dresden
  3. Köln Easter 2011
  4. Amsterdam
  5. Kiel

Southern cities and places

  1. Freiburg
  2. Basel
  3. Zürich
  4. TBD
  5. TBD
    (we’ll see how much we get around in the South given our time constraints!)

Hamburg touristy stuff:

  1. Hamburg Dungeon (eep)
  2. Maritime Museum
  3. Elbe Tunnel – Did it today! post to come…
  4. Fish Market
  5. Hamburg History Museum

Food and drink:

  1. Currywurst
  2. Pudding Pretzel
  3. Berliner in Berlin (I’ve had one here, but think it would be fun to eat on IN the city)
  4. Beer — still SO many to try…
  5. Hamburg Hamburger

Hamburg Cultural Events

  1. Elbjazz Festival – May 28-29
  2. Imperial Theater (murder mystery with dinner)
  3. Parsifal (opera!)
  4. Hamburger Jedermann
  5. Fußball match

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