Why I love Weekends Here

Spring flowers at the Planten-Blumen

One of the BIG things I’m going to miss about living in Hamburg – especially since the sun is OUT now – is our weekend morning rituals when we’re not traveling.  They go a little something like this usually:


  • Wake up
  • Shower, coffee, snacky type breakfast
  • Head to train to hit up outdoor market
  • Buy veggies, cheese, pickles, baked goods, and eggs.
  • Ooogle all the stalls and sample lots of fruit, cheeses and olives.
  • Go home and eat veggies, cheese and pickles for lunch.
  • Proceed with rest of day.


  • Wake up a little later
  • Dress and head to bakery
  • Pick up croissants and/or brotchen for breakfast
  • Go home, make tea, eat and watch something online like 30 Rock or Big Bang Theory
  • Do a load of laundry
  • Proceed with rest of day

I think Sunday mornings will be the harder of the two to change up when we get back to the States.  Mainly because I don’t want donuts to replace the breads and I like the 30 minute walk we take to get them (thats 30 minutes total).  Its something that we started doing once we discovered the bakery back during the dark mornings in the winter.

So as it turns out, Hamburg, you’re really not all that bad.  But please tell me, why oh why, did you make it so we got off to a bad start?  And yes, I will miss you.  Which seems kind of funny to think about given how we got off to a bad start.


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