Elbtunnel (finally!)

We finally made it down into and across the tunnel on Friday!!!  It was pretty cool I have to say.  I mean, how often do you get to walk 12 meters under a river?  Construction on the tunnel began in 1907 and was completed and opened in 1911 – making it 100 years old.  At the time it was a HUGE accomplishment and one of the wonders of Hamburg at the time.

Got a shot sans cars!

I also discovered another fun word in German: “Aufzug” – the word for elevator, and it literally means “uptrain”.  at either end of the tunnel there were five “uptrains” – two for people and three for cars/bikes:

Der Aufzug für Autos!

Oh! and I also took a short video… enjoy but please excuse the sound (you might want to turn it down) and the shakeyness:

When we got across and out to look back over at Hamburg/St Pauli/a bunch of other stuff I dug around in my bag for some coins so we could rent one of those telescope things:

JP checking things out.

The sheer detail that we were able to see through it was amazing!!  JP was saying that he wished we had a better camera – but then I showed him a poor man’s trick (that I used in biology class during college with microscopes) thats pretty cool:

St. Michael’s, St. Nicholas and Bismarck respectively.
(click to enlarge – its worth it!)

On our way back all of sudden I stopped up short and made JP take a picture of the half-way marker, which I TOTALLY didn’t notice on our way across.  I blame the excitement of being down there along with the masses of people that were there as well.

21 meters under the water!!!  Holy crap!

So, IF any of those who happen to stumble upon this blog EVER make it to Hamburg, the Elbtunnel is totally worth it and a pretty cool chunk of modern/early 2oth century history.


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