A Windy Spring Afternoon

Trees by the Japanese Garden

Last Friday afternoon I packed a picnic lunch and set out to meet JP after his class.  And as you saw yesterday it kinda… well… the wind had OTHER ideas about what we would eat that afternoon. We eventually made it to the DOM and snagged a couple of pretzels as a treat since we had our picnic fail

Just a couple geeks enjoying the japanese garden.

After we finished out remaining tofu lettuce wraps and strawberries with brie we decided to finally check out the rest of the Planten-Blumen and found out that the thing is HUGE and that you can totally walk from campus TO ST PAULI and never leave the gardens.  Which personally I think is pretty damn cool – being a horticulture/flower/outside chick and all 😉  I’m super excited to continue to go back over the next few months, especually once the foutains are all running!!  Also when the trees all have their leaves again and more FLOWERS!  I have a feeling lots more Friday afternoon picnics will be in order, and hopefully our lunch will stay in place.

The river is going to be BEAUTIFUL once its all green!

Flowers! and bashful ducks
(they tucked their bills under their wings as soon as they saw the camera)

I also adored all of the cherry blosoms!  And was constantly trying to pick them up and tuck them into my hair or in JP’s coat button holes. 🙂


Like I said on Sunday, I think that Hamburg and I just got off to a very rough start, because I am really beginning to like it here and will most certainly miss it!

So hows about a few more pictures?

Not quite Bluebonnets, but still pretty.

Beautiful Russian Orthodox Church
(we weren’t sure if we could take pictures inside… all the notices were in russian!)

Love this shot of St. Michael’s tower.

The rare “bald” pigeon!


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