Apartment Decor – pt 1: Bedroom

Since we’re only 3(!!!) months out from moving back State-side my thoughts have started to wander back to making our next apartment really OUR place.  I mean, sure, we had our first home in before we left, and this apartment I suppose would count as our second home… but really, while I know logically that “home” is where JP and I (and preferably Sally) are all located together I can’t help but want to make our next place back in the States actually feel like its our home together and not just some place that we all happen to live, eat, bathe, and sleep at.  I want us to have a place that we actually like being at and we don’t look back and refer to as a ‘cave’  later on… yeah… anyway, moving on.

I’ve been reading several blogs and doing loads of “window” shopping all over the place online to get ideas of things to do and things that I’d love to either buy/make my own *ahem* knock-offs of…  And I figured, why not share ideas with the whole 2 other people (ok, maybe there are 10 of you..) who actually read this blog. Love you all!

So, without delay, my inspiration/ideas for the bedroom when we get back.


From: Urban Outfitters
I love the sticker idea actually…
especially since its not another piece of furnature to store!


Also from Urban Outfitters

 From Target

From Garnet Hill

From Etsy

Vanity Area:

From Urban Outfitters

 Also from Urban Outfitters

From Amazon

From Etsy

From Etsy

From Etsy

From ModCloth

From ModCloth

Other things:

From ThinkGeek

From ArtFire
Can I just say, I LOVE this piece!

From Etsy


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