One Geek Girl’s Take: Bin Laden’s Death

So I woke up this morning, logged onto all my usual website – gmail, facebook, cnn, bbc, a couple blogs, and the breaking news splashed all over the CNN homepage was that Osama bin Laden had been confirmed dead… which I mean, hey, great right? the US military has been over there trying to get him for the good part of ten years.  And I’ve known many-a person who has had an assignment in that part of the world.

Anway, I digress.  I clicked on CNN’s breaking news banner and started reading their article.  Then I got to the second paragraph and stopped reading because of one line:


At this point JP popped back into the apartment because he had forgotten his wallet with his train pass, and I showed him the article.  He got to the same line and voiced what I was thinking: “I don’t know how I feel about that.  I mean if they were all packing M16’s that would have been one thing, but I seriously doubt it.”

Have I said before how much I love my husband?  He has a knack for saying pretty much what I was thinking, but in a much neater way.

After JP left again, saying that he didn’t want to read too much since he had to get ready to teach, I skip

ped the rest of the article and skimmed the comments.  And this one hit home:

I like that the comment this out.  Did Osama bin Ladin orchestrate a pretty aweful thing that hurt and resulted in the death of many people?  yes.  Did he deserve to die? sure, I can give you that. BUT, did he deserve to die without a trial?  And what about the rest of his family members?  Did they DESERVE to be murdered in cold blood?  Now, granted, I don’t know who all made up these “family members”, but my gut feeling is that women and children were involved… and the thought of killing people who are unable to defend themselves in ANY circumstance, be they young, old, male, female, white, black, tan, purple or green, make me SICK.  *sigh*… I know I’m probably going to get a whole hell of a lot of flack for saying that, but I will say, thankfully I went to school with some awesome people who share my views on this:

Anyway… that was my word vomit for the day.  Am I going to get a hell of a lot of flack for posting this?  Probably.  Am I going to get some angry comments about how “unamerican” I am? I’d say the chances are pretty good. Angry emails? eh, maybe!  But I’ll tell you a secret: I really don’t care.  Thats the fun part of blogging, we put little bits of OURSELVES out on the interwebs, and the blog is a mouthpiece of ONE PERSON.  You don’t have to agree with everything I post here, hell, you don’t even have to read it.  But do remember, this is my corner of the web, and I have the freedom to say what I think.

Now I’m off to figure out why my posts from the weekend didn’t publish 😛

**EDIT** I have read more info on the whole situation since this morning, so no worries.  I have a few more facts under my belt now (thank God for non US news sources)– the post above was mainly a reaction to several status updates on facebook that really made me feel… how should I put this? Icky? or maybe disgusted with the reaction to someone’s death?  I dunno.  Anyway, the death of the one woman involved was tragic, and I’m happy to find out that no children were involved.  But, I am in no way going to join several people (some of the ones I was reacting to) and wish him to hell.  I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, ever.  Maybe a heck of a long time in purgatory, but not hell.  I’m a pretty forgiving person, and one who can honestly say she cannot hate anyone.  Have a good Monday everyone!

6 thoughts on “One Geek Girl’s Take: Bin Laden’s Death

  1. Josh had a similar status to those you posted above and got a lot of shit for it. I posted my views in the comments and basically it just turned into a silly argument.

  2. I feel a couple ways about it. IDEALLY they should have taken him into custody imo. However they were following the Presidential directive and may not have been given that option. Personally I admit to feeling it fishy that he ordered an assasination followed by immediate burial at sea. Burial at sea? The body is unrecoverable now for press verification.

    anyway, as to the family members, I think there were other adult males mentioned and the woman one of them used as a shield. THAT speaks volumes about the males imo.

    And as the wife and mother and friend of military men, I also know that these missions come down in a matter of moments. Previous missions were unsuccessful because he was quickly ushered to safety but these groups he was surrounded by. And American lives lost. So I suspect all that needs to be factored in. Hindsight is 20/20 and there are ideal plans and then there is reality of on the spot decision making.

    We can only make assumptions based upon what we ‘guess’ played out on the spot, and how we would have done it differently, without having the personal experience to know what kind of skill and danger is involved. In a civilized situation with civilized people you can take nice rational civilized steps. this is just not always possible in war.

    That is my long way of saying there are always considerations we may not be aware of.

  3. These are only my first thoughts; I am not trying to argue. I’m just putting my own out to you.
    There were more than likely NOT women and children there. That is not way Osama operated. The family members were his sons, and they were also culpable.
    As for trial, this is battle. The rules are not the same as if we were looking for a felon in this country. There were military directives.
    As a quasi libertarian, I don’t trust the government. However, as a daughter, sister, wife, and aunt of military, I know this is bigger than most people think, and a lot more complicated than what you read in the paper or hear in the news.
    Hold tight, do some research, don’t judge. 🙂

  4. I just heard a report that bin Ladin DID use a woman as a shield. He used his wife. I felt sorry for her long before this, but it speaks loudly of how evil the man was.

  5. I would thank you for speaking your mind no matter which side of “the line” it fell on. 🙂 I would never have expected less of you. I’ve seen a lot of nastiness come out between friends on this issue for really ridiculously narrow-minded thinking.

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