Three Months From Today…

…we won’t be in Germany anymore. Nope, we’ll be in Houston gosh darnit!  And I’m pretty sure we’ll be all kinds of jetlagged and experiencing a whole heck of a lot of culture shock. *nods*  Don’t believe me?  Heh… just wait until you read all the tweets/posts that come post-Germany! 😛

Also, just because we’ve been a little more… conscious shall I say? about what we’ve been eating since way back at the beginning of Lent (meaning no meat!) JP and I have been looking up the menus nutritional facts for some of our favorite haunts back in Texas… heh… for two people who now pretty much eat veggie I can see that things are going to be challenging at times. (though, I do love veggie enchilladas!) We haven’t cut meat out of our diets completely, but at the same time its not really something we eat at home.  I mean, we eat it if we go out (I still need to google where the “best” currywurst in Berlin is so I can compare it to the best in Hamburg), and if we’re over at someone’s house.  But otherwise I get pretty cosy with vegetarian cooking.  Like, OMG, last night I made the BEST spicey vegan red lentil soup!  At firs JP wasn’t too sure about it since I dumped a whole heck of a lot of an indian spice mix that was a little heavy on the curry into it, BUT I added jalepenos which evened it out and dear God, I totally had a lentil soup food baby last night due to eating so much of it!  So yeah… tonight’s menu is going to have something to do with asparagus and tofu… I just don’t know what yet.

Let’s see… what else is going on?  OH!  every night when JP and I take our post dinner walks I think of my grandparent’s house in Nevada. ” what the heck” you say, “you’re in Germany how can that be anything like their house?” you ask.  Well, thats very simple to answer.  There are a TON of lilac bushes.trees all around here!  Its one of the smells I associate with their house due to two HUGE lilacs in front of their house. So Grandma and Grandpa: I miss you and think of you all the time!!!  JP and I are hoping to visit sometime after we get back. 🙂

OH! and something about Germans… they seem to LOVE David Hasselhoff.  I had MTV/VIVA on this morning as background noise while doing various things and JP walked in to ask me something, and all of the sudden David Hasselhoff came on the TV… not only did he come on the TV, but he was driving a car and shaking his hips, and singing about wanting our sweet sweet love… uh… not what I wanted to hear before 9am, but ok…  and since I can’t seem to find a youtube video of the actual music video that will let me snag the code, instead you get to see the next best thing! Hasselhoff in concert earlier this year singing the same song, but in VERY shiny pants:

Yeah… have I mentioned yet that there are just some areas of German culture that I just don’t get?  And love of David Hasselhoff would be one.  Anyone out there have an idea, or if you happen to be German could you explain?

Aaand thats enough babbling for today.  I need to get things moving as far as GRE prep, Indiana apartment hunting, actually doing my German language work and such.  Oh, and I need to finish the post about Köln for Thursday.



One thought on “Three Months From Today…

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