Friday Fives: I miss my kitchen!

Or rather I should say that I miss elements of my US kitchen, small as it was, it was still bigger and had three times the counter space, and FULL SIZED appliances.  *swoon*  So… *ahem* here are five gadgets that we own that I really miss:

  1. Stand Mixer — oh dear me, how I miss this thing!  It makes all of my cooking and baking and heck, I’ll even say my everyday activities SO much easier!
  2. Rice Cooker — I bought ours about a month after we moved to Indiana at Target because it was $15.  Awesome buy, because not only does my rice come out perfect every single time, BUT I can also use the thing as a veggies steamer!  I’ve also been oogling some recipes for making apple sauce and jam in it as well.
  3. Crock-Pot — Yes, its another one of those kitchen gadgets, but I can’t tell you how many times in the past 7 months I’ve thought to myself how awesome it would be to have one here because I could totally dump a whole bunch of things into it and have dinner later that day.  I think a veggies stew will be in order sometime our first week after we get back.
  4. Blender — We’ve been on a smoothie kick lately, which is fine, because we can totally get a variety of the Innocent variety here.  But some days it would be beyond awesome to be able to plop a whole bunch of things in the blender and end up with a vanilla-banana-cocoa-with-extra-protien smoothie for breakfast.
  5. Full Size Fridge — this and a dishwasher are probably my two more missed kitchen appliances, though most days its the fridge.  Currently we have a mini-fridge, which means we can’t keep too much on hand (then theres the whole bit about things not staying fresh as long here, but thats another story), and while that can have its perks, I don’t think we’ve actually wasted less food here than we did back in the good old US of A.  “Why?” I can hear you ask, “surely that must not be true!”.  Well, it is.  Part of the reason is that in the area that is supposed to be a freezer, there is a small polar ice cap growing.  The other is that due to its location and how the door opens and a couple other reasons, its really hard to see what we have in there at times, which has resulted in more middle school science experiments than I care to admit….
Anyway, moving on… All those wonderful gadgets are, plus many more, there are a couple holes that I intend filling 😉  This includes a bread machine and possibly a coffee maker.  ALSO I plan on giving quite a few of our things EYEBALLS when we get back, just because I can 😉

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