*pokes head around corner*

So — according to some people in this world it is the day of the rapture.  Like the whole 2012 nutso thing, I seriously doubt the world is going to end, however The Oatmeal has a pretty funny comic about it.  Enjoy 😉

A couple weekends ago we went to Berlin, and while it was a fun trip on many levels, it was an exhausting one too — we did lots of walking, and poor JP got next to no sleep :-/  Full post with details coming.  The week following Berlin he also had a HUGE presentation which and last Monday I started up with the Munchkins again after the three week break.  So this week has taken a heck of a lot of time and energy to get back into the swing of things.

And I’ve said it before, but JP and I are really going to miss being in Hamburg. (so much so there has been the idea of coming BACK at some point floating around…) The main thing I think will be not being around the language all the time.  BUT, the one thing that we’ve been talking about lately is the cost of food here verses back Stateside.  Take frozen pizza for instance.  Here we can get an awesome one for under 3 euros — to get something that would be ANYWHERE near taste-wise in the States we’re looking at one of those “fancy” organic pizzas that are over 9 bucks… Also, beer is cheaper here, AND if I want just one bottle of something I can open the package and buy it.  Produce is also really freaking cheap here — we picked up 500grams of asparagus for 1.50 earlier!  Also, we rarely spend more than 20 euros when we eat out — that that INCLUDE booze and dessert!  It also helps that a beer isn’t 8-something 😛  So yeah, one of a few things we’re not quite looking forward to going back.  Though, the allure of a large BBQ baked potato and mexican food when we get to Houston is pretty strong.  SO thats something.

Anyway, just wanted to post to let everyone know we’re NOT dead, and the blog will resume to normal this week!


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