*catching up on sleep*

Well, sort of.  Since our somewhat insane trip to Berlin a couple weeks ago both JP and I have had an interesting time getting back into the “swing of things” — which has included blogging for me.  I’ve sat down several times to try to just get a post out, including the one about our trip to Berlin, and just haven’t been able to do it.  I seem to have “bloggers block” :-/

I think part of it had to do with being exhausted from walking to see all of the Berlin sites in a day (we walked over 30km), and in someways we’re both still recovering from it.  Also, the hard and fast realization that we’re actually having to leave Hamburg has hit us.  We’re stuck between really looking forward to seeing Sally, our family and friends, and really not wanting to actually move back to Indiana.  And again thats a whole complicated mess of reasons.  One being, well, its Indiana — the land of corn and soy beans.  And as exciting as watching things grow can be, well, its not actually all *that* exciting.  Granted, it will be a new city, new school, new apartment, new start, but I’m still not looking too forward to it.  Let me rephrase that, I am looking forward to parts of it, but the parts like unpacking boxes and looking for a new job, not so much.  However, Bloomington does look like its more of an eco-city than Lafayette was, so we might fit in better, and I might have a better chance at getting a job in my actual field.  I just need to relax and realize that every time we’ve started somewhere new its taken around 6 weeks to find something, and I need to NOT freak out about not working.  Well, that and I need to focus on studying for the GRE… and writing my statement of purpose… and getting application materials together… ok, yeah, I just need to focus on actually getting INTO grad school.

Moooooving on.  The weather for the last couple weeks has been wonky — and when I say that I mean even moreso than Houston weather!  The week started out b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l and has ended rather icky.  So think weather in the upper 60’s to low 80’s at the beginning of the week.  So warm that I was going to buy shorts, but starting Thursday its gotten rather chilly and overcast and rainy. Guh!  and while I hate to admit it, my moods are somewhat I reflection of the weather.  Though, the rain does mean that it got dark tonight at 9:30 instead of the near 11pm that it has lately.  Hopefully the weather tomorrow is better, we’re heading downtown for most of the day, including checking out the Holsten Brewery Fest, and I’d much rather NOT having to be ducking under cover.  That and if its rainy and cold, I’m not going to really be in the mood to drink beer.

Aaand I think 500 words is enough for a pointless post, don’t you?  SO I’m going to see if the Big Bang Theory is done buffering, go change into pajamas, and make a cup of sleepytime tea.



2 thoughts on “*catching up on sleep*

  1. Hey, you can at least become a “sub” for either Bloomington or Columbus. I know it’s not in your field, but the Girl Scouts are a worthy endeavor of your time 🙂

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