Always, ALWAYS, Check The Gate!

Before the three week break I had from nannying Munchkin 3 was just beginning to coast the furniture — when they got back from their trip to the US and Canada he was just starting to toddle a couple of steps while trying to wrench your fingers out of their sockets.  Last week he was walking maybe 40% of the time on Monday and then about 75% of the time by Thursday.  And now?  he’s walking 90% of the time, crawling the other 10%, and only JUST far enough to pull up on something so he can keep walking.  OH! and not only that, he’s attempting to run AND can walk BACKWARDS while pulling a cart-push-toy-thing…

Cue the “OH CRAP”s and the “We’re in TROUBLE now”s, because he’s totally on the move and into EVERYTHING!  And he totally knows when his big brothers get something and his isn’t the same.  Tonight for instance he totally wasn’t happy that his toast was different and wouldn’t eat ANY of it until he had the eact. same. bread. as the big boys.  Oy!

The sign about the gate is totally true — yesterday I forgot to shut the gate when coming down the stairs with Munchkin 3 and literally BLINKED (well more accurately sneezed) and he was up THREE steps!  So now I’m pretty much constantly chanting as I go up and downstairs “check the gate…check the gate…check the gate…”  He totally has the UP part down, but not so much the going down, so we’re working on that next week.

Oh! and he’s totally started to do something freaking ADORABLE.  Muchkin 3 will walk up to you and hug your leg (no biting!) and babble sweet baby-talk nothings to you then run off.  I was getting something ready to do with Munchkin 1 today (we were learning about the brain) and the baby walks up and hugs mu legs a couple times, and about the 4th or 5th time instead of sweet-babblings I hear a Scooby-Doo-ish “uh oh” from his little mouth.  About three seconds later I SMELL the “uh-oh”, and when I looked down as asked him if he had pooped his diaper, he did his Scooby-Doo impression AGAIN and gave me the biggest, toothiest baby-grin ever.  And then proceeded to “poo” me because he wouldn’t hold still while I changed him.  Good thing he’s cute 😉

Tomorrow is “Go Barefoot” day, so not only did I have to promise Munchkin 1 that I would go barefoot ALL day at their house with him, but Munchkin 2 made me promise on my honor that I would have “pretty toes like mommy” tomorrow.  😉

Gnight internet!






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