A Story…

This is a story about a gal who logged onto CNN and BBC News yesterday to read up on the current issues with produce in Europe (especially out neck of the woods) and saw this quote from cnn:

(clipped from CNN)

My first reaction was “well crap, we’re in Nortner Germany”.  My second reaction was “CRraaaaaaap!  from “contact” with someone from N. Germany, we’re not going to be allowed to go home!!!” .  Third reaction had something to do with how to avoid getting e. coli — which meant going straight to the kitchen and pitching what salad I had bought earlier in the week.

I was dead set on NOT eating veggies or fruit until things were in the all clear, but then JP and I had a date night which involved a döner teller which was piled with veggies, and then well, earlier today when we went to the store to return the crate of empty bottles and pick up laundry detergent I decided that I really couldn’t stand not eating a salad for weeks and picked up the fixing, and THEN also got half a kilo of strawberries from the strawberry shaped shop outside the store.  (and I must say, they are some of the BEST I’ve eaten in a while!)

So yeah… I decided that I will be careful about eating veggies, but this mostly-vegetarian chick really can’t do without em.

Oh, and I also totally discovered that its hard for me to finish an ENTIRE ice cream bar.  It sounded good, so I got one, and almost didn’t finish it 😛  Yeah…

Have a good rest of your Saturday people!


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