Apartment Decor – pt 2: gaming/media ideas

One of the things that ALL geeky (and even non-geeky) household have to deal with is the mess that gaming(electronic and anolog), computer, dvds, cds, cords, etc, make.  Here are some ideas I’ve scooped up from around the interwebs for inspiration once we’re:


From Etsy
I love the idea of being able to just plop a disk up! 

From Etsy
 Every gamer’s cross to bare: controller storage!

My favorite TV stand from Ikea
he only thing is, I’m not sure it would work with our
current TV… we kinda rock it old school 😉

And we totally have a record player
AND records.  I found this gem on Etsy, and love
everything about it, BUT the legs… maybe I should
enlist my dad… hmmm…

I like both the Etsy and Ikea tables because not only could we store
various video and gaming consoles in it, but als board games.

Another idea I have is to take a plain colored
fabric bins like these:

From Target 

From Amazon

and do some 8-bit artwork on them.
Their purpose would be to hold CDs
and DVDs as well as game cases.

But, take those bins and stick them in an
awesome corner shelf like this:

From Amazon

And I think that makes from some pretty
nice storage in what would probably be
and otherwise unused corner.


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