Ice Artifacts!

Hot Chocolate in the summer!!
ZOMG Lizzy?! what the heck were you thinking?
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So, how has everyone’s Tuesday been?  Mine has been interesting and eventful.  This morning we were woken up to the sound of heavy machinery outside out bedroom windown.  Thinking it was the trash at first, but then it kept going on, and on, and on, and on.  Finally JP took a gander out the window while I was scrounging our fairly bare cupboards for something to eat for breakfast (he beat me to the last of our kilo of yogurt). As it turns out there was a mini backhoe and about 8 guys running around tearing up our front walk.  (Germany fun fact: sidewalks are not poured, but rather its all bricked, which makes sense when you have to do utility work.)  Thankfully we have a back way out so I could leave for work.

The next noteworthy event was when I got to the ubahn platform.  Some woman was digging into her diaper bag and giving a poor old man a cloth diaper insert, or it might have been a baby blanket, to hold to his face which was GUSHING BLOOD while another guy was calling for emergency assistance.  I gathered from the bits of conversation I heard that the old guy was either attacked or forcefully shoved out of the stopped train by some punk kids.  Thankfully I saw the EMS crew coming up the stairs with a stretcher for the old guy.

Lets see, what else… oh! I was informed by Munchkin 2 today that I was a “bad, bad boy”.  Which was intersting… the thing that spurred that on was I told him he had to have a fruit pouch (think sippable apple sauce) before he could have cookies or fishie crackers.

The way home was uneventful.  Though tomorrow I need to make sure I leave a little on the early side because apparently I can’t go down the street the normal way to Casa de Munchkin due to filming for a movie or something going on tomorrow.  BUT it means more exercise, and its a pretty walk, so I’m ok with it.  (And I will totally try to snap a couple pictures of the goings on for WW tomorrow!)

I got home, started dinner with JP, got an episode of The Big Bang Theory buffering (we’re almost caught up!), and hopped into the shower to wash off the kid goo.  After dinner I set out to tackle the freezer which has pretty much been a solid hunk of ice since before we moved in. (and probably before the previous tenants). And when I say hunk of ice, I actually mean prehistoric glacial ice! So I boiled some water to heat a metal spatula for prying, snagged and wooden spoon for wacking and scooping, and a knife (don’t do this at home kids!) for hacking the hell out of the ice.  After about 2 hours on the job I’m happy to say that we will now be able to fit more than one box of fish in teh freezer and can totally buy MULTIPLE pizzas when we go shopping on Thursday!! And yes, I admit it, the pizza was my incentive to get it done — but can you blame me? The frozen pizzas are awesome and on sale this week for less than 2 euros!!

Anyway, my night has ended by drinking hot cocoa (even though its freaking hot here) to help unfreeze my hands and arms, blogging and talking to my sister on facebook.  And now its bed time!  Night!


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