Our Days are Numbered!

JP and I realized yesterday that we have a whole SIX WEEKS left in Germany before we get on a plane for a loooong flight, pop somesthing with sleeping properties, fall asleep on eachother in cramped quarters and wake up back in Houston, see his parents, eat some tex-mex and see our dog.  Kinda breaks my heart :-/

I think that is one of the reasons that I haven’t been posting TOO much.  Also why the Berlin post is STILL floating around in my draft folder – but I did decided that it WILL be posted tomorrow.  JP and I finally have come to appreciate Hamburg for what it is, and now we feel like we’re leaving it.  We both feel at home here. (funny considering what happened to me the first couple months…)  Indiana will be a new adventure, afterall, we’re sort of hitting the “restart” button all over again moving to a new college town and all.  Also, I get to start the job search (which I already have as much as I can on this side of the Atlantic) all over again!  Oh, and apply for graduate school… and take the GRE… ew.  Well, I shouldn’t say ew, because its something that HAS to be done.  And with the new updates its supposed to be more “user friendly”, so we’ll see.  I realized talking with JP over the weekend that I need to work my butt off and get through the math workbook I have because I had a hard time remembering how to do some pretty simple algebra.  I should also probably pick up some newer study material for the drive back up to the land of corn and soybeans since things have changed just a bit since I last took it.  Looks like I know what my Amazon gift card is going towards 😛  But its gotta be done!  The question is, should I order now or wait?  I’m thinking that ordering this week is probably a GOOD idea.

Anyway… what else… OH! My birthday was nice, if quiet.  Both of us were more on the tired side this week so we didn’t make it to Cuxhaven, BUT it was also really rainy, so it was probably best.  Especially since I want to see seals sunning themselves, and if there is no sun I doubt they’ll be doing that.  I did get my birkenstocks!!  I went for the super chic “madrid” style:

(I also painted my toenails BLUE!)

Now the darn things just need to be broken in so they’re more comfortable!  But I like em 😉  We also found a pocket-sized Hamburg cookbook for a euro at a flea market!!

Ok, better get ready for munchkin wrangling.  Ciao!


2 thoughts on “Our Days are Numbered!

  1. The GRE is a breeze….especially for a smart girl like you. I used a workbook, but I also just took the practice tests on-line. I found that they were most helpful 🙂
    Good luck,
    Jen C.

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