Friday Fives: Thoughts

I am still working on the Berlin post and it will be backdated for yesterday.  Backdating because once its done we just need to move forward 😉  Over the course of the week I’ve been having a few thoughts and conversations in my head about looking over the last (almost) year in Hamburg, as well as looking at our last lingering month here and whats yet to come.  I thought I’d share 😉

  1. I am doing so much more – than I did when we first got here.  When we first arrived, and I admit for the majority of our time here, I didn’t want to so much as THINK about going out alone.  Granted, my first solo outting ended pretty badly… and then I had that one day after I started spending my days with the munchkins that didn’t end too well.  BUT, for the passed couple weeks I have been feeling not only braver, but I feel like I’m beginning to thrive here.  Don’t get me wrong, things are still a challenge daily, but its one that I feel like I can tackle now.
  2. Blut vs Blöd – training your ear to pick up the little differences in another language takes time, and I fully admit that it probably takes me longer than some people.  The bolded example is one such thing.  Earlier this week while we were watching TV I asked JP why Munchkin 1 might be saying his brother is Blut or blood.  JP finally figured out, after having me say what the kid was saying a few times, that no, Munchkin 1 wasn’t saying “Blut” but “Blöd” which means stupid… heh, that makes a heck of a lot more sense now! There are bunches of other examples, but I won’t bore you with them.  Usually when they come up though I start off saying to JP that I have a “duh” question about the language, which usually gets a least a small smile, even if its a little annoyed. 😉
  3. Conversations – while I did have about a ten minute conversation that consisted mostly of simple chit chat with a guy at a pommes counter last week I really mean conversations in my own head. I’ve been having a LOT of those since we’ve gotten here.  Which has been good in some respects and bad in others 😉  I’ve had loads of time to think, reflect and pray about things, and as a result of this, and multitudes of other things, I’ve grown as a person.
  4. Not having a car – is something that I’ve gotten used to, and love that I ended up losing a few sizes in my jeans since we’ve gotten here thanks to not only wrangling the munchkins 4 times a week, but having to walk and take public transportation everywhere has totally had an impact.  There are some things that having a car would make 100 time easier, for example grocery shopping.  I’ve actually pulled muscles in my back from carrying too many things, but by the same notion having a bike with a rack and panniers would make things easier.  Because of this (almost) year in Hamburg, JP and I are hoping that at least parts of Bloomington are walkable, and we’re planning on buying bikes after all of our boxes are unpacked.
  5. To iPhone or not to iPhone – since the great laptop crash of 2010 JP and I have had one computer, and did that on purpose for coming to Hamburg – only one computer to get through airport security is easier and allows to an extra bag to cram stuff in!  We also have one cell phone, which is with me most of the time so I can contact Mrs. Munchkin if the trains decide to do something funky, as has happened a couple times.  We’ve gotten used to not having a hunk of plastic that contains microchips and can emmit sound in our pockets all the time, and we are seriously thinking about what to do for phone options when we get back to the States.  On the one hand its been really nice being disconnected, on the other its been hard when something pops up and we can’t call or text eachother really quick.  So we keep going back and forth on whether its a good idea to get cell phones for both of us, or go back to having an “old fashioned” land line.  I have a feeling the talks will continue over the next several months.  One thing is for certain though, while my inner geeky tech princess in me is SCREAMING that she wants an iPhone, we’re not going for the smart phone option.  And we’re going back and forth on IF we get two cell phones IF we’ll get unlimited texting.  I mentioned in #3 that I had been having a lot of inner conversations, and one is about disconnecting.  Currently that is including not sitting down at the computer and letting my fingers type “facebook” into the address bar first thing.  I don’t need to check it 100 times a day.  I am working on limiting my time on it, because let’s face it, Lizzy spends WAAAAY too much time there.  So right now the goal is to limit the number of times I log in, which has been rough, because like I said, my fingers type the address on their own when I open a new tab in Chrome.   But also, CNN had this article about people developing “popcorn brain”, and that is something that I know for a fact that I’ve started to get, but its also something that I am determined NOT to allow to get worse.  No worries, the blog isn’t going anywhere, instead you might see more posts because instead of facebooking I will actually BE blogging.  Also, no iPhone for me. 🙂

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