Friday Fives: Etsy Edition – Ode to Texas

Yes, so I fail.  I didn’t get the Bremen post written last night.  We’re still in end of semester paper-land, BUT I will post it sometime this weekend between cleaning, cooking and all our usual weekend activities.

And now I’d like to present the first FF’s Etsy edition of 2011, which I dedicate to Texas! Enjoy 😀

  1. AHeriloom — makes this awesome TEXAS cutting board.  I love how there is an adorable little heart where Austin is located!  They also have lots of other states, but the Texas board is by far our favorite 😉
  2. EarthEssentials — something awesome about Texas is that where ever you end up, chances are pretty good that you’ll find a good BBQ joint!  And this particular TEXAS RUB sounds like it would be wonderful on ribs or some other meat, or even some portobello mushrooms 😉
  3. TrueTexasScents

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