Now to remember…

…its not “good bye”, its only “until next time”.  Doesn’t seem to keep the tears from threatening to spill though. 😛

Yes, I know the last month and a half has sucked post-wise on here, but yeah.  Not making excuses.  When I have time there will be major use of back-dating for various things, complete with a post that day listing everything back-dated.

Anyway, this is our last night in Hamburg and in student housing.  Funny that just the thought of that makes a large lump form in my throat. It’ll be somewhat strange moving back into an “adult” apartment when we finally get to Indiana.  And in a strange weird way, I know that I’m going to miss the odd sleeping arrangement of having two single beds squished together… though, my back certainly isn’t!

Tomorrow I have my last day with the Munchkins (I will probably be a wreck for at least part of the day), followed by JP and I hauling our stuff onto a night train to Zürich for the weekend, followed by a week running around various places in Baden-Württemburg, and finally back to Houston (we get to see our SALLY!) then its onto Indiana to being the next chapter of our geeky life.

Anyway, that all said, I am going to miss it here, for so many reasons.  And for our own reasons, JP and I feel like despite the cramped living quarters and lack of our furbaby, Hamburg was our first “real” home.  Yup, I said it.  Being in Germany itself just feels “right”.  It really can’t be explained more than that.

As an end note until we get back to the States and I have the time to plunk out everything that has happened over the past couple months, I would like to leave the Munchkins (and Hamburg) with this, because it really isn’t good-bye, even if at the moment it feel like it tonight and tomorrow.




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