We’re back state side!! And technically back since Tuesday, but internet avalibility will be spotty for us until we’re settled in Indiana.

But to tide you over until I catch up (and get to those darn backdated posts…) here are some of our thoughts since getting to Texas:

  1. Beer here is EXPENSIVE, well, at least compared to Germany where many places it was cheaper than water…
  2. Its hot!
  3. Driving after a year hasn’t been that bad.  Really like riding a bike.  And Houston traffic is a stinky as ever.
  4. We wish that we weren’t waking up at 4am automatically!  Though… I should just get up and take the dog for a walk!
  5. TV shows that were weird at first when we saw them dubbed into German are weird now that we’re watching them in English again.
  6. Jet lag SUCKS.
That is all!  Expect backdates, pictures, new videos and such once we get settled in Indiana!

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