Welcome to Bloomington!

Yes yes, we’ve of course made it.    Still busy settling into the apartment — we need to get a couple more smaller bookshelves and a couple more chairs(I’m thinking folding would be best), finally found a TV stand (at kroger of all places), and have about 95% of the boxes unpacked.  Things are starting to come together, and looking good.

Sally seems to like it when we’re not shoving her in the bathroom because “mom” and “dad” need to go out and don’t quite trust her enough not to get management called on us for barking. Especially since she gets all “gruff and tuff” when the guys across the hall go in and out of their apartment.  But she’ll get used to it.

I really like the area so far.  If we were so inclined, the mall is only about a 30 minute walk away, and we could probably walk to campus in 20 if we kept up a good pace.  So far we’ve been driving – but I think that has to do more with missing the car than anything else.  We are planning on getting at least one bike soon to save on gas money.  But the IU bike auction is on the 10th, so that should be taken care of soon.

So far JP seems to like IU, and his advisor is awesome (more about that when the Zurich post is finished).  Last weekend we went to the welcome back picnic, and then met some people to see Planet of the Apes on Sunday.  All in all things are good.

Now I just need to figure out things job-wise (I have a couple leads), continue to study for the GRE (three weeks! eek!) and get the last of the apartment put together.

We’re heading to see my parents and Nonno for Labor Day weekend.  So, pictures and posts about that to come! (and all the backdated stuff I owe!!)


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