Cupcake Week 2011: Bloomington Cuppies!

Today I headed over to BLU Boy Chocolate Cafe and Cakery in downtown Bloomington on this crisp clear afternoon after dropping JP off for class.  Here’s a little photo journal of the trip, and I’ll follow it by my impressions of the cuppies!

Outside of the cafe.
Didn’t take it head on because I didn’t want to
invade the privacy of the people studying outside.

Cafe sign outside.
I couldn’t agree more!
Though, I did skip the coffee part 😉

Lovely cuppies!!!

The two cuppies that went home with me,
and that have now made my tummy very, very happy!

I took the cupcakes home to snag a couple more pictures:

This is a chocolate-mocha cuppie!
Chocolate cupcake with mocha buttercream 🙂

A lemon cupcake with lemon buttercream icing!

The hardest part of the day was taking the cupcakes home and
waiting until after dinner to dive into them.

Ok, my impressions.

First, the cafe was a nice, and the guy at the counter was awesome.
No problem with me taking pictures either! 😉

Now for the cupcakes!

First, the lemon:
I liked the flavor and moisture level of the cake itself,
I thought it was pretty yummy.
You could totally tell that it was a buttercream,
and for me the butter flavor overpowered the lemon.
Maybe if the same cupcake was frosted with something
lighter than buttercream?

And, second, the Chocolate-Mocha:
The cake was moist and was totally yummy!
But I have to say that my favorite part was the frosting.
The chocolate and mocha flavors complimented
the buttercream wonderfully.
It was totally hard for me not to only eat half of it to share with JP.

Needless today, I will totally be going back to BLU Boy to partake in their
yummy selection.  PLUS I found out that they also
make macarons 😉

Ok, one last “artsy” picture I took of the cuppies I bought:


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