Worth Getting Up For

Last night I decided to try one of those new fangled no-knead recipes (as I’m sure was noticed in my twitter feed).  The recipe in particular I tried was one from Life Hacks entitled One-Minute Bread, which was a type of ciabatta.  Now, we picked up a loaf of ciabatta from Kroger last week for right at $4… and it was a tiny loaf.  But I mean dude, the recipe made a loaf that was at LEAST 2.5 times the size of the one we bought last week and I can guarentee that it cost less because my entire bag of King Arthur flour was less than $4 (at Wal-Mart… yeah, ethical battle there that I’m NOT getting into…).

I followed the recipe exactly and it turned out pretty good if I say so myself.  Though, the next attempt will be slightly varried — I plan to bake it a little longer – the 25 minutes yielded a melt-in-your-mouth soft bread with a chewy crust, and I want it to be overall a little chewier.  Also, I’ll probably dump the mixed batter into another bowl that I’ve greased with a touch of olive oil to make the morning dump onto the pan a tad easier.  Oh, and JP as requested I brush the top with olive oil and add some herbs.  But overall, I would say it was a success.

Tomorrow is the dreaded new version of the GRE.  I took the old version and didn’t do too hot, but I’m hopeful this time around.  My overall score last time was brought waaaaay down by my verbal, and I’m hopeful that the new changes will be better for me to figure things out.  Also, the math is MUCH more geared towards stats, and I LOVE stats! 😀 *coughcoughdorkcoughcough*  So, I’m upbeat about it.  The trick for me will to not get nervous and drink a whole bunch of water tomorrow morning, and to stay away from coffee, tea or coke.  The test is longer this time, ok, only by about an hour, but still.  So hydrate today, take a break tomorrow and SUPER hydrate after the test.

So yeah, my goal for today and tomorrow is to keep doing a bit of review and relax.  At least I didn’t have strep throat the week before this time 😉

Oh! And here’s a pretty cool video about women’s fashion I snagged from a former professor of mine on Facebook earlier, enjoy:




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