Friggin Cheesy Poofs

Is essentially the first thing I heard when I woke up this morning at 3am with horrible back pain.  I rolled over hoping to wake JP up and have him get me an aspirin, but no cigar. 😛  I had gone for a 40-minute jog around the pond in our complex yesterday while JP was at school, and OY, that was NOT a good idea!  Why his response to me trying to wake him up was something about a semi-fictional food, neither of us knows.  But he laughed really hard about it when I told him about it on the way to school.

Anyway, so I got out of bed totally at 3:30 this morning and cleaned the kitchen while the aspirin I got myself kicked in and then tried to get comfy on the couch since there was absolutely NO way I could lay back down again. Siiiggghh.  Fast forward to about 7:30 after reading the news, some blogs, webcomics, facebook, emails and such and I go make breakfast and actually wake the husband up — finally letting the alarm get him.  Breakfast finished cooking by about 8:30 and by 9:30 I cannot keep my eyes open so I head BACK to the bedroom to get a couple more hours sleep, which thankfully were fairly pain free, even if my nose was stuffed up.  I can’t win sometimes.

I take JP to school, come back, do some more cleaning in the kitchen, take more pain medication, and just as I’m getting ready to head out the door and one of the guys from maintenance shows up to replace our kitchen light… I was a little confused, but he said that they were doing it in all the apartments, so cool.  So I go work on some back-dated posts, check email again, and wait for him to finish — I don’t want to leave the apartment with him still working because Sally would have a FIT.  Text JP about whats going on, and thenwhen he calls I tell him I’m heading out to the store to grab some NiQuil – or more accurately the Kroger brand of it, juice and other things we needed, like eggs and butter (I forgot them on our “big” shopping trip because I did it without a list… go me 😛 )  His advisor actually mentioned to him that he needed to head back after class because he was looking pretty pale himself.

So I get home, we eat and have been spending the last few hours being all snuffly waiting for it to actually be late enough to take some medication.  I think we’re both getting the post-months-of-stress sickies finally, meaning our bodies are totally taking revenge.  Looking back over the last couple months, right up until taking the GRE last Friday, we’ve both seriously been constantly on the move, whether it be lugging a year of our life on and off trains in Germany, on a plane, in a car, studying, learning new cities, moving… its really just been slightly insane.  So I think since at least for me the BIG things for the last couple months are calming down that my body has, like I said, decided to get revenge for me making it work so much both physically and emotionally that its getting sick to really force me to slow down.

That said, I think its time to take that cold medicine and see what tomorrow looks like.  Like I’ve been tweeting, I wasn’t fond of yesterday because I was just starting to get sick, and the whole 3am cheesy poofs thing this morning was just kinda nuts 😛

So, g’night!

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