Treading Water(and a New Roof, and a Rocket Launcher)

Thats what I feel like I’ve been doing for the last couple weeks.  Why you may ask? well, I interviewed for this really great, really awesome job back in mid-September, had the second interview the beginning of the month, am NOW waiting to hear back on the background check and praying like a madwoman that I get it.  I realize that anytime we move that due to the nature of JP’s schooling I’m always going to be the one who has to find something for myself, because well, a job is easier to find than a graduate program with awesome funding.  So here I am.  Aside from the first and second interview for this job (did I mention its actually IN my field?) and running JP to and from school occasionally combined with my library runs I really haven’t had too much going on.  I’ve read a heck of a lot lately (btw, anyone who likes zombies and is at LEAST 16 should check out The Walking Dead graphic novels!!), and sat on my but, and baked bread, and planned a halloween party (it will be awesome — just need to decide on the two zombie movies we’re watching), with a little hooping here and there, I’ve really felt like I’ve been, well, treading water for the last couple weeks.  Well, and there’s been my role as semester stress comforter.

I realize more and more that I thrive better when there is an outside force (meaning job) dictating my schedule to an extent.  For one thing, my sleep patterns have been kinda nuts lately.  My body just doesn’t WANT to wake up before 9am, nor does it want me to sleep before 11pm at the earliest.  Also, I’ve been prone to taking naps this last week, though in retrospect, I think I’m getting the changing weather sickies, so that explains that(well, and BOTH of us weren’t doing too hot on Wednesday).  Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve TRIED to get up before 9 and tried to go to bed earlier, but its not workin folks.  Like I said, I need an outside force.  So come on Sweet Baby Jesus, lets me get this job!

This week has been interesting. Monday morning we were woken up bright and early by the roofers poundin and a rippin over our heads.  What fun, and try as we might, there was NO ignoring em.  FINALLY they’re finished today!  Now all that needs to be done is moving the HUGE red dumpsters out of where we normally park.

Sally has been having a field day (week?) and unless she was banished to the cage for barking she was stationed at our sliding glass door, like so:

gotta make sure the roofers didn’t get too close!

So yeah, with the barking, and the pounding and everything its been a “fun” week.

Let me see… what else?  Oh yeah, JP got the unlimited rocket launcher in whichever Resident Evil game he’s been playing to destress between studying for things.  (Killing zombies is VERY relaxing) I thought it was kinda funny that he showed it to me and the next moment I looked up he has been eaten.  Then again, I think he saved after he got the launcher… at least I hope he did!

Annnyway… so thats this week in a nutshell.  Roofers, barking, reading and sleeping.  Not much else going on… OH WAIT!  we did go to Chili’s for date night last night and they have MINI computers on your tables now and you PAY with your creditcard through them.  Inspite of being a bit on the geeky/nerdy side of things it was TOO much for us.  We go out to get AWAY from the computer.  Also, it felt just a little 1984 to me… so as soon as our drink order was taken JP put the thing against the wall and we ignored it.  It was really really weird.  Since we paid there was no have a nice night from our waiter, AND I’m pretty sure since there’s a “call server” button on the thing we didn’t get check up on as much as it used to happen.  Needless to say, I think next time we dine out we’re going to look for a non-big brother feeling place to chow down.

Alright, time to go feed Sally.  We’re going out for beers tonight with a prospecitve gamer.  I’m HOPING he’ll bring his wife so we can convince her to play as well.  Its more fun that way 😉


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