WP Prompt: What’s your middle name? Do you like it?

Alright, so I’m trying several things to get my BUTT in gear with blogging again — not only with current and new posts, but also with the HUGE pile of things left in my drafts folder from Germany.  So, I’m going to start doing WordPress Prompt posts once in a while, today’s being the first.  I have no idea how often.  Probably whenever an interesting one pops up. Anyway, here we GO:

My middle name is:

And yes I like it. Its pronounced “Ah-mel-leah”, not “Ah-meal-ee-ah”. The namesake is my little Italian great grandmother.   And if you as me, that’s pretty awesome.

Fun fact, before I got married my initials spelled out “EAR”.  And that is pretty funny, and was totally not the intention of my parents… or at least thats what they claim 😛


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