A post about a whole lotta nothing!

Holy cow, its been a while.

In case you haven’t heard (or figured out) via the twitter feed over yonder *nods a box* I’ve finally gotten a job in my field.  Yay! Along with it comes an early wake up time, me back on coffee, the need to go to bed early and a 3 hour commute (there and back) every day.  Which means that any blogging gets shoved to the weekend if I have the energy and time.  Though, today I decided that instead of sleeping in until 10ish like I have the last couple weekends that I was going to get up before 8 — I still found myself waking up at 4:50-something before the alarm… anyway, I got up, poured coffee and caught up on blogs and comics I hadn’t been reading while adjusting to my new schedule.  

Now I shall embark upon weekend errands (oh how I miss being able to go when no one else is about!), do a back log of laundry, Christmas shopping,  hopefully catch up on some MUCH belated posts about our adventures in Germany earlier this summer (and Switzerland and France!), clean the kitchen, have a real dinner, and deposit my first paycheck (please God let it be in my mail box)

So, I need to go get all that done — I have to get the Christmas package for the Munchkins sent!!! — but I wanted to pop in and say, no I’m NOT dead, and yes, the blogging will be back soon.  Since our plans have changed a bit around the holidays, I’m contemplating changing my big gift to a netbook so I can blog on lunch breaks or before bed and JP has the lappy for papers 🙂

Expect another post about catching up/babble/nothing tomorrow!



2 thoughts on “A post about a whole lotta nothing!

  1. Even though I can’t find the time to write you a proper email, thank you for the Halloween cards for the kids or even install Skype, I manage to read your blog (yeah to my iPhone). I really enjoy reading about your adventures in the new world. And some Marzipan and other things will hopefully be on their way soon :).

    1. Thanks!!! I’m hoping to get some more posts put up over the weekend since as of right now there’s nothing going on 😉

      Also — I’ll be sending out the boy’s (and yours!) christmas goodies soon! I’m really excited for them to get it 😀

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