Vo Vo Vo Vo Vo Voooooox Box!

Hullo! Poking my head up from under the depths of the work I’ve been burried under at the office and some of the stress associated with that… and getting a flat tire on the way to work this morning was totally NOT a stress relief… Aaaanyway I’m sure you’re wondering what the HECK is with my post title today.  Welps, way back in September while wading through lots of job applications a friend of mine mentioned a site called Influenster on the facebooks and after looking at it I figured why not sign up?  Afterall, it was free and who doesn’t like getting packages in the mail?

Well, over the weekend I got an email from them stating that I was selected to participate in the Holiday Vox Box for 2011, so I RSVP’d and low and behold guess who was selected to participate?

THIS GIRL!  I got the follow up email saying that my box will ship from Chicago on the 7th (tomorrow!) and should arrive soon after.  Since we’re near Chi-town I figure I SHOULD have things by this weekend.

So, what does this whole Influenster/Voxy-Boxy-Fox-in-Sox mean for my silly little blog?  Basically that I will be posting some stuff about the whole process.  I’m thinking there will be a post about the unboxing/what I expect from what I got/what I’m excited about, and then a post about a week after getting the goods in about what I thought about things 🙂

And now for the usual disclaimer you’ve all been waiting for:

While I, Lizzy, am receiving the VoxBox goodies from Influenster for FREE that fact will in no way, shape or form have any impact on what I think of the products in each Vox Box

In other words – if I’m not a fan of something/think it SUCKS I plan to write about it and post here!  Also, I’m sure JP will weigh in on a couple things after he gets over my getting more “junk” in the mail 😉

I’m actually pretty excited about this!  So stay tuned for the unboxing post!  Hopefully I’ll get around to posting about some other things too!


And not to run off to bed and another day hiding under mountains of paper work on the morrow!



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