Grumpy about Groceries…

So, we just got back from our weekly trip to le kroger and HOLY cow… we spent a heck of a lot of money on groceries this week.   We commented on it last week, but since not as many of our usual buys were on sale this week the cost was about $50 more! (Also more because we restocked things like tp, paper towels, dishsoap, etc)

I do have to stop right here and say that JP and I do not regularly eat crap — like every other young couple in their 20’s, we will occasionally buy treats, but we’re pretty solid on trying to find a happy medium with eating healthy/having things that can be thrown into the oven for quick dinners/using the crockpot/eating a good amount of produce/buying organic/using coupons/shopping sales.

And its not that I want to change how we’re eating, because darn it, I want to be healthy!  It just maddens me that eating healthy in the US is SO expensive!!!  Granted, I’m bringing a smidgen more money into our household due to my new job, but its still shocking to me just how much we have to spend on food here — in Germany for a week we’d usually spend less than 50 euros a week on groceries, and we’d usually eat out a couple times a week (oh döner and sausage how I miss thee!) but unless it was a BIG thing like valentine’s day or birthdays out total food bill with school lunches and the occasional stop at le crobag for a chocolate croissant was less that 100-euros…

I’m thinking we’re going to try Aldi for our next grocery run to see if it helps our wallets 😛  After all the more we save  on food and other things, the more money will go toward paying off student loans and going BACK TO GERMANY!



ok, so THAT was random… still no voxbox, hopefully it’ll be here tomorrow 🙂


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