Cute Cupcake Poem!

So, today’s Woot shirt was this design:

(Source for Image and Poem)

And in the description there was this ADORABLE poem:

Six little cupcakes sitting in a line.
Suddenly there’s only crumbs,
and all that’s left is five.

Five little cupcakes, and not one cupcake more.
Someone says Oh, just one bite!
and we’re down to four!

Four little cupcakes… somehow still untouched?
Maybe send an email out:
“In the break room, after lunch!”

Three little cupcakes, plus the one remainder.
The baker’s had their feelings hurt,
though they’re not a complainer.

Two little cupcakes, doubled is the number.
“They won’t be fresh tomorrow after you return from slumber!”

One little cupcake, is all anyone could eat.
The cupcake maker’s starting to take all this personally.

No little cupcakes are coming back again.
“I can’t believe you jerkfaces! I thought that we were friends!”


It made me SO happy!  And well… I kinda HAD to order the shirt too…  Gotta have something to wear for National Cupcake Week next year, right?  😉

I believe that the apartment office STILL has my VoxBox hostage… hopefully we can break it out tomorrow 😀



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